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Friday, 20 August 2021

Taliban in Afghanistan: The future of the Taliban rule in coming times

 Taliban Terrorists in Afghanistan : How long will they remain

Taliban rule when will it end in Afghanistan

On 15th to 16th August 2021 terrorist organization Taliban took over Afghanistan. Today on 18th August I am writing this prediction about the future of Taliban and India. When I woke up in the morning and saw all this has happened a thought stroked me that this a blessing for the vision of India- akhand bharat. 

Readers may literally laugh at me today and most likely we will not be there to see it happening. But in the years to come Bharat will gain all that was lost due to Islamic invaders in due course and this is the beginning. If some reader of lesser age is reading this keep in mind what I have predicted. Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Aksai China will all become akhand bharat which it was. I see it as an opportunity given by providence.

USA has a history of being selfish and creep. They think they are the super power but in 20 years their forces actually did nothing except killing osama bin laden the Islamic terrorist on their list. Taliban made them realize Vietnam. Ho Chi Min city. In India whatever government was there and is – they did things logically, USA is a country of labels and a big bunch of emotional fools and selfish politicians, so is everywhere but they leave their mark of selfishness on their every defeat.

When this has happened the two major planets are retrograde, Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn was opposing sun and Saturn was in Jupiter sub. Jupiter is in Venus sub.

Will Taliban change: As per media reports on national and international media Taliban is trying to become human!! How can a stray dog stop biting –  how can Sun rise from the south? It is all nonsense what they are trying to portray. Their disguise will come into the open domain gradually after Jupiter and Saturn will turn direct, gradually and in 2022 when 4 major planets will change their signs, we will see the reality in totality.

What is there for India: India is running the mahadasha of Moon till 2025. Mercury antara is there till 16-10-2022. After Mercury Ketu will come. 2023-2024 can be the year when Taliban will cease to exist.

Kindly mark my words that India is going to play the most important role in diminishing Taliban in the time to come. Not today or tomorrow but in the years to come, hopefully we will be there to witness it.

Financial loss to India: As the Taliban have promised they are not going to hamper the growth India is not going to loose but as it said in our scriptures, “jaake prabhu darun dukh dei taaki buddhi opehle har leyi”, this will come to the fore in the just few months in 2022.

Let’s see what unfolds.

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