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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Yogi Adityanath future prediction 2022- will he become the cm again

             What does future hold for Yogi Adityanath? kp Astrology Prediction

Yogi Adityanath the firebrand CM of Uttar Pradesh has many horoscopes on the internet and none of them is genuine because all of them shows him to be married as per the KP astrology. योगी आदित्यनाथ जी का भविष्य क्या है

So I took a number from the tarot deck which is 6. Below is the horoscope:

yogi adityhanath future prediction 2022


As per the horoscope he is running the dasha of Mars and antara is of Ketu till October 2021. He will then have the antara of Venus which is in the star of Jupiter and in own sub as of today. Venus is ruling the 1-7 houses and Jupiter is ruling the 9-10 houses in the horoscope. So, the cycle which is coming is of 2-4-7-9-10-11 houses. The elections will be held in this antar dasha of Venus which is very strongly signifies 9-10-11 houses due to being in the star of Jupiter.

Jupiter is retrograde as on today but will become direct after some months and after that Venus Antara will begin so there is not much to worry about the retrogression of Jupiter.

By the time the elections will be held in UP the antara which yogi Adityanath will be passing through will be of Sun moon and Mars as the elections will be help in phases. Sun is in the third house in mars star and in own sub, Moon is in ketu sub in the 8thhouse which is very beneficial for politicians, and Mars is in the star of Saturn and in the sub of the moon in the 6th house. All these planets are very beneficial for the current CM and the next period will be of rahu which is again in the sub of Saturn placed in the 10th house.

There will be a win for the current CM as per the horary map drawn today but he will face a lot of problems in diminishing his competitors which will try their best to bring him down from inside the party and outside.

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