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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Narendra Modi astrology 2024- future of narendra modi- will he become prime minister third time? read now

Narendra Modi astrology 2024- future of narendra modi- will he become prime minister third time

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Today we are going to talk, what is very burning thing going on in our country these days, that is Narendra Modi, you must have heard his name everyday, because he is the Prime Minister of our country. Since 2013, Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of our country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji took office on 23 May 2014, since then Narendra Modi ji is the Prime Minister of our country. There are some people who like Narendra Modi ji a lot, there are others who do not like him at all.
Now if we talk about astrology, then the three horoscopes of Narendra Modi ji will be found mostly on the internet, in which his first is Libra ascendant, second is Scorpio Scorpio and third is Gemini. Now when we study all the three coils, we understand one thing in it that even winning these three coils is astrologers, everyone has tried to justify their own coils.

राहुल गाँधी जी का भविष्य क्या कहता है देखिये इस विडियो में
This is the most important thing of Vedic astrology that you can justify anything. But it is not possible to do this in Krishnamurti method, but everyone has their own knowledge and everyone has their own experience. We salute the knowledge of all and salute the knowledge of all.
We always talk to the question horoscope because in 2012 I tried to know on the basis of the question horoscope whether Narendra Modi can become the Prime Minister of India. At that time there was an atmosphere of upheaval in our country, maybe some of you remember that time but it is not possible to remember such an old thing. But never mind, you can see the question of horoscope at that time. After this, 2019 came, in 2019 also I predicted based on the question horoscope.

Can Narendra Modi Ji become the Prime Minister of India again? That prediction was also correct to me, thus both of my predictions were correct. Because Narendra Modi had again become the Prime Minister of India and won more seats, with the support of the people of India, he won an absolute majority. The BJP had secured over 300 seats.
There is re-election in 2024, Election Commission has said that you cannot predict the election, but at that time the Election Commission did not give such orders, but the election is predicted now or we can now. Because by the time 2024 comes, by the time this video arrives, everyone will have become familiar with this prediction because the video related to the prophecy is limited to the election day or that month only.

We can do the third prediction according to the horoscope that the marks I took was 166, for this we always see if the constellation lord of the sixth house shows these houses 2, 6, 10, 11 or Otherwise, in this horoscope you will see that the constellation lord of the sixth house is Saturn, Saturn is sitting in the second house showing the third and fourth house in the horoscope.
Today Saturn is in the Moon's constellation and the Moon itself is sitting in the second house. Saturn is associated with Venus, is also associated with Guru and is also associated with Mercury, that is, Mercury is the retrograt, we have to keep this in mind and the most important thing in this horoscope is that which is wanki Both of my predictions were there, this thing did not come in them, it has come in this prediction.
Mangal, Rahu and Ketu are three different, so when elections are held in 2024, when everything happens, then it will always be seen that BJP will again become the biggest party, Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister of India. This is my flourishing country, it may happen that this flourishing country goes wrong but as far as possible it will be right, till date most of my all flourishing countries have been right.

narendra modi ji ka bhavishya kya kehta hai yahan click kijiye
But all people should keep their experience and knowledge right, and should flourish without any obedience to anyone, the same is the right country.
Friends, you should keep in mind that the target of this time is today's day, today is Thursday, the day of which I am making this order, because you are looking at the ascendant, which is the guru in it, of the second and fifth sense. Being the lord of 9, 10, 11, 12 and sitting in the 2nd house, the Moon is playing the most important role at this time, because the Moon is sitting in the 2nd house of this horoscope. For this reason, Narendra Modi will again become Prime Minister in 2024.
Now it depends on you who you would like to make your country Prime Minister this time because there are many people in our country who want to make Rahul Gandhi ji the Prime Minister, or Akhilesh Yadav ji is the Prime Minister of India.
It depends on you how you want to make the Prime Minister of India a person. As we know, before Narendra Modi ji, we have been the Prime Minister to win in India, he has made a lot of efforts to do good in the interest of the country.
Now if we talk about your opinion, then it is your own thinking, whom do you want to choose the Prime Minister, it depends on you. But I will give you the right to give your precious votes to those who feel right so that the Prime Minister of our India will take good steps for the people of India and for the benefit of India.

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