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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

IPL Match prediction or T-20 Cricket Match prediction learn yourself by Acharya Raman


 Cricket is the most liked sport in India. Although the national sport of India is hockey, but cricket in India is given more status than hockey. People also see this game in India as a religion. To win the victory of this cricket game, some people even put their lives at stake. This game is really ingrained in the soul, in cricket among the people of India.
This game is truly ingrained in the soul, the most preferred format in cricket among Indians is today's I PL format. This I PL consists of 8 teams in which players from all over the world become partners. The specialty of this format is that you see many of your favorite players playing together.
In IPL, there is a lot of speculation or say that in this game, you have earned a lot of money and gambia, but we will not tell you at all that you played betting because doing so is a punishable offense and we do not support it at all.
The I PL T20 was announced by the BCCI on 13 September 2007. I PL's full name is Indian Premier League. The first season of I PL was played in 2008. This I PL T20 match is played in the months of April to May, in which a total of 8 teams participate, each team consists of 11 players.
You can easily increase the prediction of any game by these methods.

Which are as follows-

I will tell you according to the best class method which team will win the match. You can predict many things with the best square method, and our most important thing is that if you do this method for the benefit of any betting or money, then this method will not work for you. The total score of this method (most square) is 337
There are 12 expressions in our horoscope and each house has different number (number) - like 28, 27, 20 and 18 by doing this, there will be some number in every sense. Whenever you add these numbers, their addition will come to 337. Now after the toss of the match, make a question chart. (On J Hora Software you can easily create question horoscope, you can download this software for free)

How to tell question horoscope-KP HORARY Prahna kundali 

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Download J Hora software to create a question horoscope, three things are required to create any horoscope which is the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Now to create the question horoscope of the match, the date of birth will be the date on which the match will be played, the time of birth will be the time when the match starts and the place of birth will be the place where the match will be played.

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Thus you can easily prepare the question horoscope for the match. Now to know which team will win the match, for this you have to choose one of the two teams.
Example- Suppose there are two teams A and B. Now of these, we have to find out which team will win. For this, we have chosen A team, so our question will be! Will A team win? Now to get the answer to this question, first of all you make a question horoscope after the match toss in the J Hora software. Now you have to win A team, then consider the first rate for this and the seventh house for the opposing team B.
Now, according to the best class method, add all the digits of the first, sixth and eleventh house - in this the first house is of A team, the sixth house is of competition and the eleventh house is expected to win. In the same way, add the number of the given square in the seventh, twelfth and fifth position. The seventh house will be for the B team, the twelfth price will be the sixth for the B team.
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The fifth price (of the competition) will be the eleventh rate for the B team (for the desired fulfillment). Now whichever combination means that the addition of A team or the addition of B team will be the highest, the same team will be the frontrunner in the race of victory today. In this way you can make any match.
2. LSRD Method -
In this method, you can make the decision of any match at any time, it is not necessary to do it after the toss. This method requires four things, which are lagna, nakshatra, zodiac and day lord, these are known as LSRD in English. L to Lagna, S to Moon star (constellation), R to Moon Rashi (Moon sign) and D to Day Loard (day lord).
First of all, you have to open the software, in it you can take the day, time and place of the day or you can take the time, day and place of the day on which the match is. Suppose you take the time and place of the day on which the match is. Now you have to see the lagna chart, which we also call the D1 chart. The first house in it is the lagna bhava, a number will be written in this bhava, which we call the lagna zodiac.
Suppose 11 numbers are written in the ascendant house in your horoscope. The number 11 means that in Aquarius astrology, Aquarius is called the sign of Saturn. That is, we have L and J. L = Saturn Now we have to see the constellation of Chandra in the same coil to calculate S. Suppose Chandra is in the constellation of Venus in Leo, then the value of S here becomes Venus. In this way we have the value of S and L, now we increase
For the value of R and D towards R, you have to see the position of the Moon in this horoscope, as we said in the above horoscope that if the Moon is in Leo, then the Leo sign in Astrology is the Sun sign. R = Sun, now I will tell you how to remove the lord on the last day, the day of which you have used to make this horoscope, the lord of that day will give you
Have to recognize. Suppose you have chosen the day of Tuesday, then the Lord of Tuesday is Mars. D = Mars Similarly you can see the lord of all days in the table below.

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