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Sunday, 21 March 2021



Menopause, PCOD, Leucorrhoea and Caesarean


Menopause ka ghareloo ilaaj is video mein dekhiye 

Menopause is the end of women’s period cycle. Occurring menopause indicates the no longer pregnancy naturally in women, because it is the end of women's reproductive years. Women usually suffer with menopause between the ages of 45 to 50. But, nowadays women are suffering with this in the early ages.

Causes of Menopause

Menopause occurring is the normal process of life which has to be in women while aging. It is not a disease or disorder. Menopause makes women feel relieved to worry about longer periods of pain and getting pregnant.

Periods (menstruation) stop when menopause happens. Women have reproductive systems. Ovaries have stored eggs and they also make the progesterone and estrogen hormones. They control periods and release an egg in ovaries that is called ovulation.

During Menopause

There are three stages of menopause and it is not caused by any medical issues.

      Perimenopause: This stage starts several years before menopause and affects the ovaries to make estrogen hormone slow. When menopause comes closer, releasing of eggs is stopped in ovaries and estrogen hormones fall faster.

      Menopause: When menopause occurs, ovaries stop the releasing of eggs and falls estrogen hormones cause no period in women.

      Postmenopause: After the menopause, women can suffer from the problem like hot flashes and decrease the estrogen hormones with aging.

Symptoms of Menopause

Women have the experiences of many symptoms while menopause such health conditions in women’s ovaries like cancer or hysterectomy and lifestyle as smoking can have the tendency to make the symptoms severe.

Except this, women have some common symptoms while menopause like hot flashes.

      Less Periods

      Heavy or light period

      Dryness in vagina

      Racing heart





      Difficulty in focus

      Reduce in libido or sex drive


      UTI and increased urination

      Hair loss

      Sore breast

      Hair growth on face, neck, chest etc.

Home Remedies for Menopause

Menopause is not any disease or disorder. It is a normal or common process which happens in women in the age of 45 to 55 years.

      You can not treat this by medically and women should not take any medicine for this because it is natural to happen in women.

      You can not stop the menopause to occur, but you can reduce the symptoms of menopause with some home remedies.

      Try to engage with your interested work during this. It will help you to avoid attention from trouble areas.

      Do a message of your joint writs, calf and waist with sesame oil 2 times in a week. It helps you in relief of menopause symptoms.

      Soy: Change your diet and add soy products like soybeans, edamame and soya milk. Soy contains a plant-based estrogen called isoflavones and it can help to balance smaller amounts of estrogen. This helps for menopause symptoms easing like hot flashes, night sweats and dryness in vagina.

      Vitamin D, take vitamin d supplement. It may not work for improving symptoms but can make your bone strong and boost your mood for establishing emotions. Take also calcium rich foods.

      Maintain healthy weight with your diet change because commonly weight gains during menopause. Take lots of vegetables and fruits, they are low in calories and can help you for weight loss and reduce symptoms.

      Drink enough water. Women have experienced dryness during menopause and it is linked for decreasing estrogen levels. Drinki 8 to 12 glasses of water a day can help you with these problems.


Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD)

PCOD ka ghareloo ilaaj is video mein dekhiye 

PCOD is described as Polycystic Ovary Disease. This condition is linked with women’s hormones, it occurs when women get their hormones imbalanced. Nowadays, this condition is very common in women between teenage to 45 years. Women suffer with mensuration problem and difficulty for conceiving while PCOD.

PCOD affects the ovaries and ovulation. During PCOD, women get the cysts in their ovaries some filled with fluids, women suffer from irregular periods and hormonal imbalance.

Causes of PCOD

During PCOD, women have high levels of male hormones preventing ovaries from producing hormones and egg releasing. When androgens are increased slightly cause for stopping women ovulation and they get pimples and grow extra hair on body and face.

During PCOD, follicles are not matured and do not release the eggs in ovaries. Instead, they form in very small cyst in ovaries named polycystic. Follicles are bags in ovaries containing eggs.

If any woman of the family has the problem of PCOD, irregular periods or diabetic conditions then there is a tendency for other women of the family to suffer with the PCOD condition.

Stress and depression are also a major cause for PCOD condition.

Symptoms of PCOD

Most of the women usually do not know about this condition and even they do not get to know if they are suffering from this problem. There are some symptoms that can help you to know early you are suffering from this.

      Instant weight gain and unable to loss

      Acne or pimples

      Extra hair growth on face and body

      Thinner hair on the scalp

      Irregular period, some women do not have period while PCOD

      Fertility problem. Women are troubling while trying to conceive

      Depression, stress and late night awake


For diagnosis PCOD, there are thyroid tests, ultrasound of pelvic area and blood sugar estimation and examination by doctor is required.

 Prevention for PCOD

 There is no treatment for PCOD, but you can prevent yourself from PCOD with some lifestyle changing.


      Take care of your diet while you are having your period, do not take anything like sour and chilled for 3 days and rest for the day.

      Doing the message of the calf area helps the body system ease and improve periods condition and avoid coffee.

      Balance your carbohydrates and increase protein. Balanced carb foods improve insulin sensitivity and protein impacts the body to produce insulin.

      While PCOD, some women have heavy bleeding during periods and result in blood loss (anemia) or iron deficiency. Therefore, you should intake iron. There are spinach, broccoli and eggs foods containing iron.

      Take soy products, turmeric, zinc, vitamin D, calcium, Adaptogen herbs (maca root, ashwagandha, holy basil and licorice root) in your diet. These will help you with PCOD condition.

      Keep exercise and always take hygiene sleep and make yourself stress free. This will help you lead a healthy life.

White Discharge in Women (Leucorrhoea)

white discharge ka gahreloo upaay is video mein dekhiye 

Vaginal discharge is often normal in women. Discharge can be severe depending on period cycle. The amount of discharge can be different while ovulation or breastfeeding. There are many kinds of vaginal discharge that indicates the infection or abnormal discharge. If the odor and color of discharge are different to normal that indicates the abnormal discharge.

They may need treatment and can be treated by home remedies also.

Causes of Leucorrhoea

Abnormal vaginal discharge is usually caused by an infection. It can change the texture of odor, amount discharge or color. There are following reasons can be cause for vaginal discharge.

      Use of any antibiotic

      Due to bacterial infection, it is common in pregnant women.

      Cervical cancer

      Sexual transmitted infections

      Infection after surgery

      Pelvic inflammatory disease

      Yeast infection


      Personal Unhygienic- women who do not clean their private area and the area contains moisturisation.

      Women use fabric instead of pads during menstruation and the area keeps moisturised.

Home Remedies

If you are suffering from a white discharge problem then here are some remedies that can help you to overcome it.

      Fenugreek seeds, boil fenugreek seeds in 500 ml of water and 20 minutes then let it cool down and consume. It helps in white discharge problems. Another powerful and simple way for helping in white discharge, soak some fenugreek seeds in water over the night and have it in the morning on an empty stomach.

      Lady finger is another useful remedy for white discharge problems. Boil some of the ladyfinger and mix it with curd in a mixer and consume.

      You can take the rice starch (water in which rice is boiled). Drink it daily, it is a very strong and useful remedy for curing of white discharge problems.

      If you are suffering from white discharge you can use sago. It helps healing in white discharge and you can take it in any form like “Kheer” or “Khichadi” and you can use it in your food also.

      If you are suffering from viganal discharge with itching then you can use guava leaves for reducing the irritation. Boil some guava leaves in water and let it cool and consume. Have it twice a day.

When To See A Doctor

If your discharge is not normal and you are having different odor and color from your discharge with these symptoms then walk for an appointment with a doctor soon. Symptoms may be like:


      Abdomen pain

      Urination increased


      Sudden weight loss

If you see the symptoms with your discharge then meet a doctor.



Caesarean Delivery mein kaise rakhein apna khayal is video mein dekhiye 

Normally, a baby is delivered through vagina that is called vaginal delivery and it is a natural method of giving birth. It is safe for mother and child. C-section or caesarean delivery is done under some complication issue when the normal delivery is not possible or it is only a way of saving mother and her child life.

In caesarean, doctors cut the womb and betty to take the child out and then stitched the womb and belly. The stitches dissolve with time and a mother has to be very cautious for herself until she recovers.

Why is caesarean done

All women are supposed their pregnancy to occur naturally but due to some complication, doctors have to make a decision for the caesarean delivery. Doctors find out the problem and give the date to a woman for her c-section delivery.

Sometimes during labour pain, the condition becomes complicated where the doctors have to make a decision with c-section for safety delivery. The following complications may cause for caesarean:

      If your pelvic size is small then you are referred for c-section.

      When labour is lack of contraction for opening the cervix mouth (neck of the womb), where the baby comes out by birth canal.

      If the baby has an abnormal heart rate or any other medical condition.

      If the mother has any long-term uncontrolled disease like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

      When a woman is carrying more than one baby in her womb.

      If a woman is suffering with any genital disease then normal delivery is not safe for the baby. Baby may be infected through this.

Complications or Risks after Caesarean Surgery

After caesarean mother can suffer from some symptoms like:


      Vaginal bleeding

      Breathing problem

      Recovery long period

      Painful monthly bleeding

      Fever high

      Swelling in feet

      Smelling discharge from vagina

Talk to your doctor about your complications, if you feel you are having more trouble with this.

Post-Caesarean Care

      It will take a lot of time to recover a mother from caesarean, you should take good care of health around 6 weeks or do not involve with any sexual activity until you feel recovered or before 3 months.

      Caesarean is major surgery, therefore a young mother should take a penalty of rest.

      Avoid the heavy work for the first six weeks and focus on your baby and your care.

      Do not exercise heavy or any which is pressured on the abdominal, Try to start with walking only for a few minutes.

      Do not climb up stairs for the first two and three weeks.

      Do not lift heavy things.

      Take the penalty of water to avoid constipation.

      Avoid taking stress, it will keep you and your baby healthy.

      Do not work which offers you the pressure on your belly and avoid stretching or bending too much.

      Support your belly while sitting or do not clean house bending.

      Avoid spices and rice for the first few weeks.

      Keep your wound clean and dry.

      Take nutritious diets and intake vegetables and fruits.

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Narendra Modi astrology 2024- future of narendra modi- will he become prime minister third time? read now

Narendra Modi astrology 2024- future of narendra modi- will he become prime minister third time

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kya aapki kundali mein sarakri naukri hai - yahan click kijiye aur jaaniye 

Today we are going to talk, what is very burning thing going on in our country these days, that is Narendra Modi, you must have heard his name everyday, because he is the Prime Minister of our country. Since 2013, Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of our country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji took office on 23 May 2014, since then Narendra Modi ji is the Prime Minister of our country. There are some people who like Narendra Modi ji a lot, there are others who do not like him at all.
Now if we talk about astrology, then the three horoscopes of Narendra Modi ji will be found mostly on the internet, in which his first is Libra ascendant, second is Scorpio Scorpio and third is Gemini. Now when we study all the three coils, we understand one thing in it that even winning these three coils is astrologers, everyone has tried to justify their own coils.

राहुल गाँधी जी का भविष्य क्या कहता है देखिये इस विडियो में
This is the most important thing of Vedic astrology that you can justify anything. But it is not possible to do this in Krishnamurti method, but everyone has their own knowledge and everyone has their own experience. We salute the knowledge of all and salute the knowledge of all.
We always talk to the question horoscope because in 2012 I tried to know on the basis of the question horoscope whether Narendra Modi can become the Prime Minister of India. At that time there was an atmosphere of upheaval in our country, maybe some of you remember that time but it is not possible to remember such an old thing. But never mind, you can see the question of horoscope at that time. After this, 2019 came, in 2019 also I predicted based on the question horoscope.

Can Narendra Modi Ji become the Prime Minister of India again? That prediction was also correct to me, thus both of my predictions were correct. Because Narendra Modi had again become the Prime Minister of India and won more seats, with the support of the people of India, he won an absolute majority. The BJP had secured over 300 seats.
There is re-election in 2024, Election Commission has said that you cannot predict the election, but at that time the Election Commission did not give such orders, but the election is predicted now or we can now. Because by the time 2024 comes, by the time this video arrives, everyone will have become familiar with this prediction because the video related to the prophecy is limited to the election day or that month only.

We can do the third prediction according to the horoscope that the marks I took was 166, for this we always see if the constellation lord of the sixth house shows these houses 2, 6, 10, 11 or Otherwise, in this horoscope you will see that the constellation lord of the sixth house is Saturn, Saturn is sitting in the second house showing the third and fourth house in the horoscope.
Today Saturn is in the Moon's constellation and the Moon itself is sitting in the second house. Saturn is associated with Venus, is also associated with Guru and is also associated with Mercury, that is, Mercury is the retrograt, we have to keep this in mind and the most important thing in this horoscope is that which is wanki Both of my predictions were there, this thing did not come in them, it has come in this prediction.
Mangal, Rahu and Ketu are three different, so when elections are held in 2024, when everything happens, then it will always be seen that BJP will again become the biggest party, Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister of India. This is my flourishing country, it may happen that this flourishing country goes wrong but as far as possible it will be right, till date most of my all flourishing countries have been right.

narendra modi ji ka bhavishya kya kehta hai yahan click kijiye
But all people should keep their experience and knowledge right, and should flourish without any obedience to anyone, the same is the right country.
Friends, you should keep in mind that the target of this time is today's day, today is Thursday, the day of which I am making this order, because you are looking at the ascendant, which is the guru in it, of the second and fifth sense. Being the lord of 9, 10, 11, 12 and sitting in the 2nd house, the Moon is playing the most important role at this time, because the Moon is sitting in the 2nd house of this horoscope. For this reason, Narendra Modi will again become Prime Minister in 2024.
Now it depends on you who you would like to make your country Prime Minister this time because there are many people in our country who want to make Rahul Gandhi ji the Prime Minister, or Akhilesh Yadav ji is the Prime Minister of India.
It depends on you how you want to make the Prime Minister of India a person. As we know, before Narendra Modi ji, we have been the Prime Minister to win in India, he has made a lot of efforts to do good in the interest of the country.
Now if we talk about your opinion, then it is your own thinking, whom do you want to choose the Prime Minister, it depends on you. But I will give you the right to give your precious votes to those who feel right so that the Prime Minister of our India will take good steps for the people of India and for the benefit of India.

IPL Match prediction or T-20 Cricket Match prediction learn yourself by Acharya Raman


 Cricket is the most liked sport in India. Although the national sport of India is hockey, but cricket in India is given more status than hockey. People also see this game in India as a religion. To win the victory of this cricket game, some people even put their lives at stake. This game is really ingrained in the soul, in cricket among the people of India.
This game is truly ingrained in the soul, the most preferred format in cricket among Indians is today's I PL format. This I PL consists of 8 teams in which players from all over the world become partners. The specialty of this format is that you see many of your favorite players playing together.
In IPL, there is a lot of speculation or say that in this game, you have earned a lot of money and gambia, but we will not tell you at all that you played betting because doing so is a punishable offense and we do not support it at all.
The I PL T20 was announced by the BCCI on 13 September 2007. I PL's full name is Indian Premier League. The first season of I PL was played in 2008. This I PL T20 match is played in the months of April to May, in which a total of 8 teams participate, each team consists of 11 players.
You can easily increase the prediction of any game by these methods.

Which are as follows-

I will tell you according to the best class method which team will win the match. You can predict many things with the best square method, and our most important thing is that if you do this method for the benefit of any betting or money, then this method will not work for you. The total score of this method (most square) is 337
There are 12 expressions in our horoscope and each house has different number (number) - like 28, 27, 20 and 18 by doing this, there will be some number in every sense. Whenever you add these numbers, their addition will come to 337. Now after the toss of the match, make a question chart. (On J Hora Software you can easily create question horoscope, you can download this software for free)

How to tell question horoscope-KP HORARY Prahna kundali 

learn from the video click here
Download J Hora software to create a question horoscope, three things are required to create any horoscope which is the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Now to create the question horoscope of the match, the date of birth will be the date on which the match will be played, the time of birth will be the time when the match starts and the place of birth will be the place where the match will be played.

learn from the video click here
Thus you can easily prepare the question horoscope for the match. Now to know which team will win the match, for this you have to choose one of the two teams.
Example- Suppose there are two teams A and B. Now of these, we have to find out which team will win. For this, we have chosen A team, so our question will be! Will A team win? Now to get the answer to this question, first of all you make a question horoscope after the match toss in the J Hora software. Now you have to win A team, then consider the first rate for this and the seventh house for the opposing team B.
Now, according to the best class method, add all the digits of the first, sixth and eleventh house - in this the first house is of A team, the sixth house is of competition and the eleventh house is expected to win. In the same way, add the number of the given square in the seventh, twelfth and fifth position. The seventh house will be for the B team, the twelfth price will be the sixth for the B team.
learn from the video click here
The fifth price (of the competition) will be the eleventh rate for the B team (for the desired fulfillment). Now whichever combination means that the addition of A team or the addition of B team will be the highest, the same team will be the frontrunner in the race of victory today. In this way you can make any match.
2. LSRD Method -
In this method, you can make the decision of any match at any time, it is not necessary to do it after the toss. This method requires four things, which are lagna, nakshatra, zodiac and day lord, these are known as LSRD in English. L to Lagna, S to Moon star (constellation), R to Moon Rashi (Moon sign) and D to Day Loard (day lord).
First of all, you have to open the software, in it you can take the day, time and place of the day or you can take the time, day and place of the day on which the match is. Suppose you take the time and place of the day on which the match is. Now you have to see the lagna chart, which we also call the D1 chart. The first house in it is the lagna bhava, a number will be written in this bhava, which we call the lagna zodiac.
Suppose 11 numbers are written in the ascendant house in your horoscope. The number 11 means that in Aquarius astrology, Aquarius is called the sign of Saturn. That is, we have L and J. L = Saturn Now we have to see the constellation of Chandra in the same coil to calculate S. Suppose Chandra is in the constellation of Venus in Leo, then the value of S here becomes Venus. In this way we have the value of S and L, now we increase
For the value of R and D towards R, you have to see the position of the Moon in this horoscope, as we said in the above horoscope that if the Moon is in Leo, then the Leo sign in Astrology is the Sun sign. R = Sun, now I will tell you how to remove the lord on the last day, the day of which you have used to make this horoscope, the lord of that day will give you
Have to recognize. Suppose you have chosen the day of Tuesday, then the Lord of Tuesday is Mars. D = Mars Similarly you can see the lord of all days in the table below.