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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Reiki Benefits:- What are its uses and Reiki symbols - Uses of reiki symbols

 Reiki Benefits:- What are its uses and Reiki symbols - Uses of reiki symbols


                                        What is Reiki?

Reiki level 1 & 2 इस विडियो से सीखिए  

Reiki is a naturally healing technique of Japan. A Japanese man named Mikao Usui invented this therapy. Therefore, it is also called Usui Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese word which is made of two words “rei” which means universal and “ki” means significant life force energy that flows through all living things.

Reiki is the healing therapy which is used to cure people indirectly with physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is being used all over the world in many places or hospitals to help the patient for better recovery.

During this procedure, Hands are brought out just over the patient's body and it is believed that it can stimulate your healing natural potentials.

                                Important Symbols of Reiki:

     Cho Ku Rei Symbol

     Sei He Kei Symbol

     Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol

     Zonar Symbol

     Rama Symbol

     Apta Symbol

     Vasudha Symbol


                                                Cho Ku Rei:

Cho ku rei is the symbol that is linked to power. It is also known as a power symbol. On level one, it can boost or decrease the power. On another level, Cho ku rei is a very powerful symbol for protection too. You use this symbol to boost the power of Reiki. When you use CKR (Cho ku rei) with other symbols of Reiki, it increases the power of them too.

CHO KU REI की सभी जानकारी इस विडियो में देखिये  

How to draw Cho Ku Rei symbol:

You can draw it clockwise or Anti-clockwise, both are correct. Mostly, Anti-clockwise is being used. To draw CKR, first, drag a horizontal line then turn down and draw a straight vertical line in a shape of 7 number then draw three and half circles with anti-clockwise.


Uses of Cho Ku Rei:

     Cho ku rei is used for protecting yourself from negative energy. You can start using it in the morning like when you get up from your bed, draw a large symbol of Cho ku rei just before you and enter in it. You will be protected with this symbol. As the same, draw the Cho ku rei symbol on the things you do daily.

     Draw a large symbol of CKR on all of the main walls and doors of your home. It will protect you and your home from any kind of negative energy to enter. You can also use Cho ku rei to seal the energy after healing.

     You can use this symbol on your fan too. Draw CKR on a fan and think it will blow the positive energies everywhere in the house.

     For better sleep, you can draw CKR on your pillow.

     You can use it for changing your mood and it can be used before and after treatment on others or by yourself.

     To protect yourself you can draw it in front of your body and back side as well.

     You can use the KCR to cleanse your body and it also creates light.

     When you feel pain on any part of the body, you can use it to help in relief.

     For healthy growth of your plant, give healing to your plant for 10 minutes with a CKR symbol.

     If you cook the food then use CKR on your food to cleanse before consuming.

     This is also used for removing the blockage of energies and releasing it with cleansing.

How to use spiral Cho ku rei:

Spiral Cho ku rei is used for removing negative energy. First, draw it on your palm and absorb the reiki power on your hand. Start with your forehead to down and say the word three times ``Cho ku rei” and it will remove all the negativity into the universe and cleanse Ora. Draw it on your walls to remove all negativity from your house as well. Use Cho ku rei for cleansing, when you buy anything like fruits or vegetables. After using spiral Cho ku rei clean and wash your hand with water.

Sei Hei Ki:

Sei Kei Ki is the second symbol of Reiki used for Mental or Emotional healing. This symbol is pronounced as “Say Hay Kei” and it is linked to mental, emotional or consultancy. It helps people to release their mental or emotional causes of problems. Even doctors also use this symbol to help in healing their patients suffering from mentally or emotional conditions. It brings the body and brain together and gives consistency and peace. This is also very effective on problems like depression, sadness, fear, anxiety, anger etc.  

SE HEI KI की सभी जानकारी इस विडियो में देखिये  

How to draw Sei Hei Ki:

First, draw an open angle bracket then draw a number “5” and leave space. Now come on the top, beside the angle bracket and start drawing with horizontal line then turn it down to vertically with little circle shape and end it similar to number “5”, now draw a capital letter of English alphabet “B” on the middle of vertically circle shaped line.

Uses of Sei Hei Ki:

     Draw SHK on your palm and use it over yourself. If you are healing on others then be cautious, because you may also have transferred the energies, which can impact on you good or bad both. Then you will need to cleanse yourself.

     Just to be sure, cleanse yourself after this therapy.

     You can draw SHK with CKR symbol. It will help this symbol for better flow of energy and protection.

     If someone is addicted to smoking or drinking then you can help them in healing. Draw SHK on your palm and on the third eye of another person. Now, activate the SHK and start healing him with positive thought. It will send the message to him that it is a bad thing and you will not like it anymore. It will give lighting on him that will go inside the heart and the mood will be changing slowly. This will help him to get rid of this addiction or bad habit. If your son is engaged with TV for a long time or does not study then you can apply SHK on him in the same way and motivate him to study. It will show the result well.

     If your weight is heavy then it can help you to lose it.

     You can improve your memory while studying with use of SHK.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen:

This is the third Reiki symbol which is also called a Reiki distance healing symbol. It is time bound; you can heal any of your situation or moment in any era of time like past, present and future and give healing for your mistake.

HSZSN की सभी जानकारी इस विडियो में देखिये  

In Past: You can use it for your past healing. What the matters you had done in the past, you can reduce the effect of that incident to send healing for it. For this, you have to connect with HSZSN and when you use it, close your eyes for two minutes and remember the incident you have done in the past. Now connect it with HSZSN and give healing to it and apology to God for your mistakes.

In Present: Related to any situation or person you want to heal, then connect with it first and send healing through HSZSN.

Connect with your family to HSZSN and give them healing protection through this. The person is anywhere in the world, we can send him healing to connect with HSZSN. Just think for the person and his situation and connect with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and send healing to him.

In Future: For example, your son’s exams are around the corner and you want him to do well in the exam. You can send him healing through Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Now, assume your son is attending his exam, mention date and time for better results and think that your son knows the answer of all questions and he is giving the exam very well. Now when he will go for an exam, this healing will help him on that time until it will seal for the moment.

You can also send healing on other things like your future meeting. Assume you are in a meeting and giving a presentation. Now connect with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and think for your conference room with HSZSN and give healing. When you will go for a meeting then healing will help you in presentation.

How to draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: HSZSN symbol is written in Japanese Kanji letters.

Uses of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen:

     HSZSN is like a bridge which connects the two people or situation in any era of time.

     First way to use it: If an incident happened somewhere else or a person is somewhere in the world where you want to send healing for him/it. Think for it and call his name with his identity (face), location and situation in your heart. After this, draw HSZSN by 2 fingers and think positive for him and put your hands front side. After drawing HSZSN, close your eyes for 2 minutes because you’re connected with him (realized) and this healing will go to him because of your intention.

     Second way to use it: Write the name of the person on a piece of paper with the situation and place. Now, draw HSZSN on this paper and say this symbol name 3 times “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen” and say connect me with that person. Put the paper on your left hand or palm and cover it with your right hand. Now start to heal him as now you are connected with HSZSN.

     You can send healing to draw HSZSN on photo or you can also send healing through mobile phone or by closing your eyes and remembering him.

Zonar Symbol:

Zonar is the first symbol of Karuna Reiki. Karuna is a Sanskrit origin word which is linked with unconditional love, spiritual development and sympathy. Karuna Reiki has a higher vibration approach than Reiki Usui. Master William Lee Rand had discovered the Karun Reiki system in 1995 with the help of his students. You can use the Zonal symbol for the inside piece and your mental piece.

 ZONAR की सभी जानकारी इस विडियो में देखिये

How to draw Zonar: To draw a Zonal symbol start with a horizontal line and draw it like an alphabet “Z”, it will appear like a number “7” also. Now draw an infinite symbol in the middle of the Z alphabet. It also looks like a vertical “8” number. You have to draw it three times.

If you see this symbol then you will find English alphabet of “Z” with 3 time infinite symbols and math “8” number also. What is the meaning of Z? It means mental peace, creativity, beauty and inner peace. Infinite means endless “The thing which cannot be end”. You find this symbol in it which is beyond time and space. Through this symbol you can see anywhere in the universe and send healing. You can find number “7” in this symbol which means spirituality and its development. You can analyze the “8” number in the symbol linked with money. The Zonar symbol is also used for past healing. It means the mistakes or sins you have done in your past of life; you can send healing for it.

Uses of Zonar:

     If you have made any wrong decisions  in your life, which you don't even know. You can heal it with a Zonal symbol. When you start doing this regularly then your past life or traumas will be healing and your present will be better. This is used for your past life traumas.

     DNA healing: If you have suffered from something in your childhood what you afraid that can make your present worse. Using zonal symbol you can get DNA healing. Zonal can give healing to the subconscious mind or soul level too. Do it regularly with intentionally.

     If you have been misbehaved in childhood or your heart is injured with any trauma then you can use zonal to heal this.

     If you are pregnant then you can give healing to the womb baby. This will give him light and he will bear with it.

     You can use zonal to cure any kind of disease or pain. Our physical disease like high blood pressure and many more linked with psychology and zonal can help in it.

     If you don’t know the cause for the problem then you can give healing with zonal. You can add CKR and SHK with it also.

     When you are healing your past then you draw CKR, SHK, HSZSN and Zonal symbols. With HSZSN you will connect with your past moment then it will heal you there. If you are using Zonal for healing in the past or future then draw HSZSN with it. For other healing you can draw CKR, SHK and DKM together.

     Draw Zonal like a sandwich, as first draw KCR then Zonal and again CKR. How more you use this symbol you more balance your life.

     You can use Zonal for abundance, because it has an "8" number or infinite symbol.

     If you are suffering from wealth problems or your business growth is stopped. Use this symbol in your daily life. It will help you heal from wealth problems, healthy life etc.


Rama is Karuna Reiki symbol. This symbol is used for removing all negativity. It is a very powerful symbol and works effectively against negativities.

RAMA की सभी जानकारी इस विडियो में देखिये  

Meaning of Rama symbol: This symbol has one right tick for male energy, on the other hand, there is a left tick for female energy and spiral is in the middle which can balance male & female energies. You use this symbol for balancing the right or left thing. If you think that your right side mind works stronger than left, then you can use the Rama symbol for balancing it.

How to draw Rama symbol:

For using Rama symbol, draw a spinal like a spring containing 5 circles then draw a right tick sign beside the spinal crossed over the middle of the spinal and on the left side draw a mirror reflective right tick. Now, your Rama symbol is created.

Uses of Rama symbol:

     This symbol is very useful for grounding. If you are afraid of something or living in fear, have financial problems, are depressed, suffering from anxiety, alcohol, etc. then use the Rama symbol for grounding. Grounding means down to earth, this is for the person who dreams broad daylight like to be rich soon and getting better marks in exams but does not work hard to achieve it. They need to be grounding (connect to the earth), as you use the Rama symbol for this.

     When your chakras are disbalanced named Root chakra (base of the spine), Swadhisthana chakra (behind the genitals) and solar plexus chakra (navel region).

     Root Chakra: This chakra is connected to earth.

     Swadhisthana Chakra: This chakra is connected to water elements. The maximum amount of water dwells around Swadhisthana chakra in the bladder area.

     Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra is connected with a fire element. It helps in digestion when digestive fire presents in the belly area.

     If you are suffering from problems with these chakras then use the Rama symbol, it balances these chakras to absorb the energy of earth.

     When you feel negative energies around you or in home then you can use the Rama symbol. It is better to use daily for healing. To use this, draw a Rama symbol on your walls at home. This will remove the negative energies from your house.

     You can use the Rama symbol for spiritual cleansing of your home. Draw it on your walls of home.

     Protection: Rama symbol is used for protection also. If you want your goods and things to be protected from negativity then you use it. When you go out from your house then draw a large symbol on your home, locker or cars for protection.

     You can use the Rama symbol to protect the thing from the devil eye.

     By traveling, you can draw a Rama symbol on your travelling kit to protect it.

     Use this in places you want to remove negative energies.

     If you are in touch with a person full of negative thoughts then before meeting him heal yourself with the Rama symbol. You will be protected from negative.

     If you have to balance the chakras root chakra to crown chakra or there is any blockage in this then draw the Rama symbol on all your chakras for healing. It will release all blockages of chakras.

     If you want to be confidentially strong then use Rama with the Zonal and Halu symbol.

     If you want to balance your mental thoughts and find peace then use Rama with the Shanti symbol.

     If your relationship is not going well then use Rama with Shanti and Zonal symbols.


Apta Reiki Symbol: This symbol is related to peaceful management. It looks like a star. If we want peace management and want to complete any process that you want, it should be done peacefully. You can use it. This is the advanced version of SHK.

If you want a peaceful environment for working like in office or doing preparation for the interview then you can use it. If you are not using it on the wall then you can place it into the universe for healing. Draw it on your south direction wall.

If you want to finish your exam peacefully then you can use this symbol. 

APTA की सभी जानकारी इस विडियो में देखिये  

How to draw Apta symbol: To draw Apta symbols use pink color. The Apta symbol appears like a star or two triangle shaped together. Firstly, draw a triangle shaped then draw another triangle shaped behind the first one with the opposite direction. It will look in a start shape. Now your Apta symbol is ready.



Vasudha Symbol: Vasudha symbol in Karuna is like a Swastika symbol. Swastika symbol is used for wealth, prosperity and attraction. The best benefit of the Vasudha symbol is attracting wealth and money. 

VASUDHA की सभी जानकारी इस विडियो में देखिये  

First use of this symbol to attract prosperity into life

Second use of this symbol for getting blessed by God or our ancestors. It is believed that Vasudha symbol is a gift of God. This symbol is very pure as we do the worship of Lord Ganesha. That’s why it is used as a spiritual blessing.

Third use of this symbol is protection. It is mostly used for prosperity but it is also used for protection.

How to draw Vasudha symbol: First, draw Swastik symbol then cover all the open spaces of it. Draw half circle on all open four spaces and cover it. Now, draw a small clockwise line with three rounds of a circle in the middle of all these geometric shapes like we did in CKR.

Uses of Vasudha Symbol:  To draw Vasudha symbol, take a 2x2 piece of paper (hard sheet), now draw the symbol on it and charge it with Reiki power for a while then put it into your wallet. Remember the front side of this symbol should be towards you. By doing this, wealth will start flowing.

Another way, after drawing Vasudha symbol on a piece of paper, fold it with the note of any rupees like 100 or 500 then charge it for a while with Reiki power and put it into your locker.

Third use, Draw a CKR then Vasudha symbol and again draw CKR and make it like a sandwich. Now, you can heal your chakras with this. It will help you to gain energy in your body. When you will gain the positive energies or vibration that will help to attract wealth and prosperity. Vasudh symbol has the energy itself which can bring and attract good luck, prosperity and wealth.

You can do meditation on the Vasudha symbol, draw it on the wall and do that. It is also helped in abundance.

You can draw this symbol to your back of the door. It will help in wealth increments rapidly and also help in remaining it for a long time.







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