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Friday, 21 February 2020

Maharaj ji allows to visit on mahashivratri day at Kainchi Dham 21.2.2020

I will write truth as much as i can and non relevant issues will be hidden only.

"भैय्या यहाँ कोई बस नहीं रुक रही है, हमको हल्द्वानी स्टेशन जाना है " and my heart rolled back to 2018 our first visit to kainchi Dhaam in the holy feet of neem karoli baba on the again n again instructions of My dearest friend Shree Arun Sharmaji. Vipul ji told her that wait some KMOU bus will come and stop the government buses wont stop as they are instructed not to.

It was many days ago Sudha ji told me to visit kainchi temple on this day. That small talk happened and vanished from mind because 21st Feb was far away that time and I was also willing to go and I was sure that I will be going easily. I didn`t knew that things are not so easy when they come to be.

The weather went bad last night as there was heavy snowfall in the kedarnath. It started raining and clouds were simply bursting the heart out. My all hopes vanished to visit Kainchi. So I started fooling my self that all is good and God is ever where types to pacify most likely my ego.

And it kept raining and raining and it is still raining. But then around 3 pm the srain stopped and I went to Vipul ji who was busy in a very important task and I asked him whether he has some time to spare, so he asked for what?

I said lets go to kainchi. He said ok let me finish my work and we will leave. Dont worry. When Mr Vipul ji is with you, you dont have to worry as he takes all the worries. So he left his task in between and went to his hoouse to get the keys of his car.

So Finally at around 3:45 we started and in the mountains the weather was so beautiful as if nature is showing her blessings to the human eyes. We had umbrellas for our protection in the open. There was heavy snowfall in Nainital today and there were little pieces of snow falling on the wind screen. Just Tiny ones.

We reached Kainchi and the shop where the standard sweets haldwani prasad is given there this lady was standing and telling "भैय्या बस नहीं रुक रही कोई हमको हल्द्वानी स्टेशन जाना है ", Many times when I have been there some thing has happened as a message literally. It was a message indeed cant be anything else. It was a message may be to tell me that "see, dont get proudy of being here because people like you come here in hundreds and you are no special one", what else can it be because the more you fell in love with maharaj ji the more you realize that you are not the doer of anything at all!!!
                                         HE IS.
Last time when I was there, I saw an very Old probably British lady, I wanted to speak with her but some how couldn`t draw the strength although she was talking to  all comfortably. walking with the help of sticks, so when I was at the gate I did asked her simnce when you are coming here, and she said since 1973, so I said maharaj ji left his body that time she said No before that and she is here regulalry and there are millions her me or any one else it hardly matters. We are all humans at the end of the day!!!!

We went inside  and took off our shoes, all have become wet already and the slabs on the ground were freezing. I saw these two old women coming there with there family and I thought I was a real idiot who was thinking since whole day to be here when they can come all can come, only if Maharaj ji allows. Otherwise even air cant.

On this freezing and heavily raining day too there were people inside Kainchi. And all were praying reciting meditating asking for their wishes to be fulfilled and begging(me).

We came out and went ahead to see if there is snow ahead and there wasn`t so we came back.

Always remember It is only the GRACE OF MAHARAJ JI AND ONLY HIS GRACE AND NOTHING ELSE AT ALL if one is able to visit any of his place OR EVEN THINK ABOUT HIM FOR A FRACTION OF A SECOND.......

Pictography of Kainchi today on mahashivratri day 21.2.2020


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