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Mass Reiki Healing session from 1st to 30th September

MASS  REIKI HEALING FOR A MONTH 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 Hello All, I am going to start a mass healing session for all the people for one month. It will begin from tomorrow 1st of September. Those who are willing to get Healing from me should send their photo, Name, Complete Address with the problem you are facing. The charges are 500 only for one month and you will have to give feedback every  third day to me. You can paytm me or gpay me on 9650008266.The problems can be related to health ( cancer, kidney, liver, sugar, arthiritis etc), Finance, Love and relationship . If you are interested then connect with me on wattsapp or messenger. Do share this post so that others can take the benefit of this mass healing. 1-30 सितम्बर मैं एक महीने का मॉसहीलिंग सेशन करने जा रही हूं।जो भी हीलिंग कराना चाहते हैं अपना नाम पता फोटो और प्रॉबलम मैसेज करें। फीस 500/ एक महीने के Gpay,Paytm (9650008266) हर तीसरे दिन फीड बैक दें। शारीरिक रोग(कैंसर शुगर,बीपी,किडनी,लिवर)रिलेशनशिप और फाइनेंस आदि। पोस्ट को शेयर करें