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Learn Reiki, Astrology, Numerology, Sujok, Palmistry, Dowsing in kainchi dham bhowali

पहले रेकी शक्तिपात के बाद 21 दिन self healing के लिए पानी चार्ज कैसे करें

Judo Player completes Level 1 and 2 from Siwan Bihar

Best Certified Reiki Products From Amazon Buy Now Ratnesh Kumar from Siwan, Bihar came to New Delhi to learn Reiki from Dr. Sudha and completed his first and level 2. He wishes to bring Gold for Bihar and we all wish him luck in his future career prospects. He is a state level Judo player and wishes to play for India one day.  Best Certified Reiki Products From Amazon Buy Now

Reiki Level 1 and 2 done by Ranjana Mittal at New Delhi Vasant Vihaar

Best Certified Reiki Products From Amazon Buy Now
Ranjana MIttal in her sixties was looking for a Reiki Teacher, She did her level 1 and 2 at Vasant Vihaar. She wants to do things for people and not only this but also is willing to increase the positive vibes in her Aura which is very possible by Reiki energy.  Best Certified Reiki Products From Amazon Buy Now

Crystal Healing course completed by Trio at New Delhi

Renuka Garg, Chitra Mahajan, Savita jain completed their #crystalhealing course from me. They grasped the subject very well and now are ready to do many things with many crystals they have.

Neem Karoli Babaji`s Gupt Mandir Mehrauli New Delhi : Darshan and Prasad grahan on Bhandara navratri panchami

मेरे बाबा नीब करोरी | NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE जय जय श्रीराम | जय वीर हनुमान | 

It all started from Kainchi. NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE Me and Sudha ji thought that we will come to kainchi atleast for two days in a month. Nothing comes for free so that thought came that why not start doing something here which will give us some monitory benefits and so we asked Mr Dinesh Tiwari whether he will help us or not and he said yea sure I will be doing what ever I can. So we ordered a flex of Reiki , Astrology, Numerology , Palmistry, Sujok etc and Mr. Tiwari helped it to be hanged in the best visible place. Two calls also came. Neverthless, we also got our pamphlets printed and now is the time to distribute it.
I came back after that and I told Tiwari ji that I will be coming in the navratri too and please book my  space for 17,18,and 19th and he said…

Reiki Mastership and Grand Mastership awarded by Dr. Sudha

Jitendra Bhutani was given Reiki Grandmastership and Acharya Raman was given Reiki Mastership certificate after they had been given given the attunement for the same.

You too can learn Reiki, Sujok, Accupressure, Dowsing, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology, Palmistry, Horary astrology from us.

wattsapp 7566384193 to knwo more

Review of my numerology class by my student Varsha Ji

अंक शास्त्र कोई राकेट विज्ञान नहीं है अपितु बहुत ही सरल पद्धति है | इसको आप घर बैठे विडियो द्वारा भी सीख सकते हैं और हमारी क्लास में भी | मेरी छात्रा जिन्होंने हाल ही में इस कोर्स को करा है उनके विचार जानिये और अगर आप भी आपके घर के आराम में अंक शास्त्र , वैदिक ज्योतिष, रेकी , सुजोक, प्रश्न ज्योतिष आदि सीखना चाहते हैं तो 7566384193 पर मुझे wattsapp कीजिये |