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Neem Karoli Baba: The miracle of Love and Blessing we experienced

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Me and Sudhaji, visited kainchidham at bhowali in uttarkhand in the month of May 2018. On 13th May to be exact. I was being told by my dear friend Shree Arun Sharma ji about this place many times. I was very much eager to go there and I told Sudhaji that we are going. She was initially hesitant but when I told her that I had already done the tickets she agreed to go with me. We have been doing visits to many places and experiencing the chemistry of divinity together.

We had to leave on Saturday and I got a call from her on Friday that her relation living in Dehradun has passed away and she will not be able to accompany me and she is sorry for that and meanwhile we were talking about it, she got the thought both the places are in same state of India and possibly she can come to kathgodam or haldwani on 12th evening andNEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE we can visit on 13th. So I said that will be great but I was dubious, to be truthful, that whether she will be able to make it or not. But it was destined to visit kainchidham together and she took great pains to travel in the heat of May from Dehradun to Haldwani and by 8 in the night she reached at the bust stop where I was waiting for her. She travelled for more than 200 kilometers NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE and 9 painful hours in the scorching heat to come to me and visit baba neeb karoli together.  It was the call from baba neem karoli himself otherwise it would not have been possible for us to visit the place. As far as the heat is concerned one needs to experience it by self to understand what a pain it is and I will be always thankful to her that she took such a decision to accompany me.

We share a soul chemistry to visit places of religious interest and the experiences we have had cannot be expressed in words. In June also we visited pauri garhwal and visited many other religious places with lot many friends of hers. I just pray to baba that this travel for soul continues for the rest of life together.  Soon I will be writing about it also.

We took a cab and went to kainchi dham expecting that we will get some cab to return from there as easily as we got the one to get there. NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE Baba neeb karoli kainchi dham is situated near bhowali and the hills have a shape like scissors and that is why they have been given the name “kainchi” which means scissor in Hindi.

The place is called baba neem karoli or baba neeb karoli or kainchi dham or plain kainchi. Whatever be the name, it hardly matters. What does matters is reaching there and experiencing it by your mind body and soul together.

The experience we had:

We went inside and sat there for few hours, I started to flow in tears when I saw the idols there and my heart came to my mouth and I was completely choked feeling the energy of the place and feeling the presence of Baba neem karoli everywhere around that place. I cried like a baby and she consoled me and sat with me and meditated as she is a very powerful yogic soul and Reiki healer, she connects immediately with the surrounding energy.

I recited some verses of Shree Ramcharitmanas and we recited Hanuman chalisa there. Thereafter I was given the attunement for karuna Reiki by her. This is the next level of Reiki as I have completed three levels from her only. She is my Guru also in way and a soul traveller in a way who is NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE always trying to correct me from the wrongs I have done or about to do. This is her for everyone and not only for me. Many things in my life I have learnt and experienced after meeting with Sudhaji in person. After the attunement, she told me that she has poured all the energy of the place in my head.

The miracle was now about to come!!!!! 

This was just our part till now and now baba was going to show us how kiddish we are and how small we are thinking about small things we posses and feeling proud and egoisitic about it at times if not always. Be it soul strength or materialistic objects, nothing matters at all.

We came out and had lunch, the food indeed is not tasty there but there are no options also. After lunch we had to come back to Kathodam or Haldwani.

Those of you who are getting confused between Kathgodam and Haldwani, they are almost the same place with no distance at all. Hardly 1 kilometeres so if you are planning to visit Bhowali you can go to Haldwani or Kathgodam.

We came on the road thinking that we will get a cab to reach back to Kathgodam easily and we searched for it here and there but there was none.

Baba had something else in his mind.

When we were coming by the cab, Sudhai ji and I were talking about the temples nearby and she said that she had visited naina devi temple long back and I said maybe we can go to that temple in our way back via Nainital. She said that it is not possible because it will be late and we had train in the evening and I got a bit irritated listening to that. But that talk was soon over and we completely forgot it after reaching kainchidham.

We then decided to stop looking for cab and instead board a bus, but none of the bus was stopping there!!! The ones which stopped where over packed and there was no place even to stand properly. We were tired and then we literally lost hope and started to wave at all the 4 wheelers which passed towards Bhowali.

Sudhaji was so tired that she called upon vehicles going in the opposite direction but when I told her not to do so she got a bit angry on me, being a strong manglik personality she loses her cool drastically at times but with her yoga and Reiki powers she has curtailed her anger to a great limit and also we were both tired and it was getting late. The chances of getting a proper conveyance were diminishing fast. We were getting irritated and started praying to babaji to do something soon.

And the miracle happened!!!!

A car stopped by with two gentleman on board and they asked Sudhaji where you want to go. And She replied that we need to go NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE to kathgodam and they said that they can drop us to Bhowali and from there we will get connecting conveyance.

We were skeptic initially but then we boarded with them. The journey started which was about to become a memory for life. After 5 mins of travel the person sitting on the driving seat asked us whether we would like to go to Nainital as they had plans to visit temples that day. Just out of NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE curiosity Sudhaji asked which temple and the reply came Naina devi temple!!!! And we were dumbstruck and our talk while coming towards kainchi came alive and we said yes we will go. Those two gentlemen took us not only to Naina devi temple but also to other temples. In the way Sudhaji came to know that the temple she visited in her earlier visit was not the actual NainaDevi temple NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE but the one which we were about to visit is the one.


We visited the temple and then they took us to Ghodakhal bhairav temple which is very respected temple there and is called the temple of bells as there are lacs of bells given there by devotees whose wishes have been fulfilled. Thanks to the rotten Indian Media, these treasures are still untouched.

 We visited the ghodakhal temple which is supposed to be a temple where alsmot every soldier comes to pay his respects and offer himself as a bali. The temple is of Bhairav and there is “gwail devta” temple too which me and Sudhaji were discussing while our journey to kainchi.  “Gwaildevta” temple is very much respected temple in that area and one can see the name written on almost every second or third vehicle.

But the journey was still not over as Baba Neem karoli had planned toNEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE make us see all the important temples there. Those gentleman took us to hanumangarhi where baba Neem Karoli himself had established Hanumanji temple. There is sheetla mata temple too and bharat ji, Younger brother or Lord Shree Rama temple too is there.
We paid our respects there and said thanks to the gentlemen who made this travel so comfortable.


While our way to Nainital, those gentleman said that they had planned to visit ranikhet and they were crossing kainchi and suddenly theirNEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE mind got changed and they decided to return. It was exactly the time when we were looking for a source to reach to kathgodam. And they told us that it was NEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE the wish of Baba to make us see all the places and it is very common there.

This is something which is experienced by thousands of people and while writing also I am having goose bumps thinking about that day and the miracle that happened.

Those gentlemen were very polite and were related to each other. One was Mr Santosh and he was accompanied by his brother in law. Mr. Santosh is a immigration lawyer who had visited over 80 countries and was also having a gem stone manufacturing unit in China. He felt good when I said that INEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE am a astrologer and content writer and he put forth some of his queries but I was literally not in the mood to do astrology etc so I humbly said that he can call me any other time, but this infuriated my manglik guru and soul traveller to a great extent. I was not able to explain to her about my feelingsNEEM KAROLI BABA JI KI KITABEIN ABHI LIJIYE and so had to take the wrath. But it is always good to get scoldings of your Guru!!! It is only to make you better in one way or another.

Me and Sudhaji have taken a pledge that we will visit all the temples which were established by Baba Neem or his leaving the body together and I bow in the holy feet of my Lord Shree Ram and Baba neem Karoli to make this a reality in this life itself and soon and make our most wanted wish to become a reality at the earliest without causing harm or pain to anyone on this planet.

How to Reach:

From Delhi you can take a train to Kathgodam. There are many trains but the Kathgodam shatabdi is the best option.

By bus from New Delhi ISBT: There are many buses to kathgodam or haldwani which are one and the same almost. 

Where to Stay: The best option is to stay at kathgodam itself and hire a cab for to and fro so that you do not have to wait for other conveyance etc and can reach easily back to Kathgodam or Haldwani.

You can stay at Bhowali also, there are many hotels and you can book online.

If you are planning to go there feel free to call +917566384193 or +919821619692 and I will be happy to help you in any way I can to make your visit a success and happier one.

श्रीराम जय राम जय जय राम

श्री हनुमानजी जी की जय

श्री नीम करोली बाबा जी की जय  



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