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Tiupati Balaji : An experience beyond senses

  The Richest God on the planet: Tirupati Balaji  It was just a thought that occurred in my mind one day that I should visit Tirupati Balaji in Andhra Pradesh. I don`t know whether it is still in Andhra or it is now in Telengana. Not very informed person on these matters. Best Mom and Kids Discounted products from Amazon I boarded kerela express which was supposed to drop me at Tirupati  around 9:00 pm and go late by 4 hours and I reached at around 1:00 am. It was not difficult to find an accommodation as it is a 24 hours happening place due to the mad rush to have "darshana" of the deity. I checked in to a hotel and planned to visit the temple next morning. Best Mom and Kids Discounted products from Amazon The mistake I made was not finding out the procedure of the darshana. I asked the hotel reception and they said there ae only two ways, one is free darshana and the other one is for rupees 300 which is to be booked online only. I went to a net store and c