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IPL 2018 is going to begin from 7th April and will continue till 27th May.  I have been giving IPL astrology predictions since 2012 and the accuracy has been quite fair. Basically astrology is not meant for these stupid things but since people demand it a lot so we have to give it.

I have given predictions on,,, etc and this year prediction will be given on this site and also on astrovidhi. 

I humbly request you all to not make any financial decisions on the basis of these predictions and regret later if it fails. I as an astrologer feel sorrier for a failed prediction. It is like an operation failing for a surgeon in which the patient succumbs. Here you people may succumb to the deep greed which you might have.

I insist that you believe in the law of karma, do good things, and be positive. IPL 2018 Astrology prediction will be given on this site for sure but if you make any kind of financial decision then I am not responsible for it. 

IPL is a very interesting series and I have been watching it since its inception. So many moments of chill, thrill are all mixed in it. In between some teams did match fixing also and they were brought to book by the concerned authorities. 

Players have disgraced not only this game but themselves, when they are already getting so much of money, I do not understand why they need more of it, and most of the players will play in the next IPL also. Those who are complete idiots may do such bad things. 

I am very much sure that players like MSD M.S.Dhoni, Virat kohli, are very truthful to their games and will never run after the greed web. I hope IPL 2018 will come with a better format, as it is told in the news that it is going to begin 1 hour before and will end at 10:00 pm daily and on Saturdays the matches will be played back to back on different channels. 

The afternoon match has been rescheduled at 5:30 pm instead of 16:00 hrs which used to be earlier starting time.

Reiterating, Astrology is not meant for giving match predictions, that too of these commercial nature matches.  I will feel better if you consult for real-life problems and I will be happy to help after having my service charges. I also practice Reiki and do distance healing. 

I have learned Reiki from a Grandmaster of the subject Dr. Sudha. She is an eminent Reiki healer and has loads of power in her meditation which I have felt myself when I did my course from her. She is a class apart, not like commercial Reiki sellers in the market. If she is working on a patient then it is sure that out of 100, 97 will get healed. This is my personal experience and she has given me healing many times when I used to go out of my breath. There are many like me who have been cured partially/permanently depending upon their problems. In fact she can tell the possible winner just by her meditation but since all that will destroy her meditation; she stays away from this trap. 

IPL 2018 astrology will be given on this site and let`s hope for a thundering IPL this season with new players getting chance to showcase their talents and making progress in their career as a cricketer.


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