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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Subconscious mind: Reiki Blessings

I am sure that everyone has heard about the subconscious mind. Many psychiatrists have written about it at length and many have experienced it too. I feel blessed that not only I have experienced the powers of it but have put it to a greater cause: Healing people who come to me from across the globe.

Distances don't matter when we are able to reach the 4th dimension. Many of you must have heard about it, Adi shankaracharya, mahaavtaar babaji, lahiri mahashay, paramhans yoganandji have all experienced it to the fullest. Teleporting the enrgy from one place to another is another way of saying it.

I have had so many instances when I was able to be with those to whom I was teaching Reiki, and this they have committed that they saw me in front of them giving the attenuation, whether it was 4 am in the morning or at night when dark comes to earth.

The funny part is that every human has it all in himself but due to lack of knowledge one is not able to discover the realm hidden within. In Shreemadbhagwad Geeta, it is explained beautifully by Lord Krishna himself.

He says that just like the unborn child is hidden in the womb, the real knowledge is hidden in the forces of MAYA, the eternal negative force which clinches away the goodness in a human and makes him follow the path of materialistic world and achieve materialistic things and goals.

#Reiki is nothing but a process by which one can assimilate the hidden potential of the mind and use it for the good of mankind.

You all have in you what I have, you just need to be unlocked and shown the way. Believe it or not, your mind can do wonders if you are willing to do so and it can really make things work around.

Reiki releases the past karmic bondage and frees you from the cycle of life and death. Coming again and again in this world to suffer or enjoy the futility which seems so real to a normal person.

Why wait? learn it and do good to yourself and to others. You have it in you what I have and I AM HERE TO SHARE AND TEACH YOU TO BECOME WHAT I HAVE OR MORE THAN WHAT I HAVE.

The key lies in your subconscious and in your past karmas, Also your horoscope will tell whether you are ready for it or not.

Have faith and take the giant leap.
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