Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Reiki: What it is and what it can do for mankind

Reiki is supposed to be a healing science with origins in Japan and China but very few people know that it has origins in India only. India is a country with a history dating back to the beginning of time. Earlier in India people used to touch feet of elders and elders used to put their palms on the forehead of the person bowing in front of them. This was nothing but a transfer of positive energy initiated by the thoughts of the person whose feet were touched.

The lives of ancient Hindus was very pious and divine and we can find the proof in the ancient texts. The Brahmins used to live a very holistic life and they propounded knowledge and wisdom where ever they went.

We all know one simple thing that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It is constant. We have been reading this in our physics books since childhood and Albert Einstein proved it by his theories. This matter is nothing but a form of energy and a Reiki healer does nothing but transfers this energy from one form to another and achieves removal of disease from the body of the person who came for betterment.

Reiki healing has many benefits which normally people do not understand. It avoids all kinds of allopathic medication, it avoids anything which is against the karmic rules. It insists on living a pure life and removes ego from the person.

There are many alternative therapies apart from the regular allopathic one and they have given marvelous results. Reiki stands apart because it not only focuses on the energy of the divine, but also it ensures that there is no karmic bondage on the healer and the healed. This is the biggest boon of Reiki as a healing science.

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